Sunday, May 17, 2020

Mountain Tapestry

Mountain Tapestry   15" x 26"
Oil on Board  $3900
It is not often that I paint in oil, although I do enjoy the medium. This painting is the largest oil painting that I have ever done. The wide variety of plants and how they all seemed to blend into one tapestry that naturally called for the approach oil painting requires. This is another painting inspired from my time in Park City. This habitat is typical of the Wasatch high country and this spot in particular is near the top of Empire Pass close to Deer Valley. The bluish grasses are what caught my eye as they intertwined softly through the other mountain plants and rocks. And, of coarse, Aspens are everywhere up there!

Alpine Serenity

Alpine Serenity  9" x 12"
acrylic  $1100
Alta and Snowbird ski resorts are both known is internationally for their terrain and fantastically light and dry powder in the winter. However, in the summer and early fall months, when things quiet down, this area is a beautiful, serene place to visit and escape. This mountain stream, called Little Cottonwood Creek runs through the base areas of both resorts and down through Little Cottonwood Canyon. I have painted this creek before as this is so inspiring to me. I lived in Park City for a year and a half and tried to soak up as much of the Wasatch grandeur as possible.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Woodland Hideaway

Woodland Hideaway 
12" x 9" acrylic

As the ice is thawing a group of mallards finds this maze of hidden open water an appealing spot to rest and loaf for the day. The water is used to lead the eye through the labyrinth of woods, reeds and ice to create depth. This painting recently sold at Settler's West Gallery for their annual American Miniature's show.

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Monday, February 17, 2020


Flushed! 9" x 12"
acrylic  $1100
Chasing chukars through the rugged country of Southeastern Oregon's high desert mountains is a challenging and rewarding experience. Most of the time you are hiking uphill following dogs on scent as they search for the skittish, running birds. Seeing sign and hearing them calling only heightens the excitement of the chase. Then, at the top of the climb the birds explode into flight heading for the lowlands twisting and turning behind rock formations. Flushed! And, while all this is happening, the fresh mountain air and endless views enrich the soul.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Baobab Sunset

Baobab Sunset
12" x 16"  acrylic

Last light graces a warm, African landscape full of baobab trees. Baobabs are treasured in Senegal, a country on the West Coast of Africa, where it serves as the nation's symbol. The ancient trees have provided food, shelter, medicine, water, and clothing to the people of West Africa. The trees can even serve as burial sites.  This painting was donated to The Andando Foundation for their annual fundraising event. Their goal is to alleviate poverty in Senegal through micro development. 100% of the proceeds from the painting went to the foundation. Click on the link for more information.