Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Northern Shovelers 18"x13" acrylic NFS

This painting is for the California Duck Stamp Competition. It is a group of northern shovelers brilliantly lit up against a cloudy background. Often times int he field it is the distinctive white chests and wing linings that light up in the sky that makes the ducks easily identifiable. There large, spoon-like bills for which they are aptly named, are also an easy identifying marker for this species.

An interesting note is that duck stamp contests pick the species they would like and dictate the size of the submissions. The rest is left up to the artists interpretation. With this painting I wanted to go in a different direction than most stamps, which usually depict a pair on the water or in flight. I chose to paint three and "a half" ducks that are in the process of passing by. The duck that is cropped gives the flock a sense of movement and gives the viewer the sense that this is a fleeting glance.

This painting will be for sale following the competition in late May. If you are interested in making an offer you can contact
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Unknown said...

This is beautiful!

Peter Mathios said...

Thanks! Let's hope the judges think so too:-)