Wednesday, November 4, 2009

First Light - Bull Elk 30" x 20" acrylic

A large bull elk has entered a meadow at first light as the cool air enables the animal's breath to be seen. I saw this bull on a recent trip to Yellowstone National Park and was really taken by the dramatic lighting as he cautiously entered into Gibbon Meadow. There were unseen wolves howling not too far away (a future painting) and that is what could have made him cautious. I am not posting a price quite yet, because I am not totally convinced that he is finished. So I am going to keep eyeing it for a few days, then make the decision. If you are interested in the painting feel free to contact me through my website.

Also, I have started to update my other blog quite a bit. It's called The Art of Peter Mathios and discusses events, shows work in progress, talks about travels and will have much more.

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