Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Coaster Poll

One of the following images will be produced as set of 4 absorbant drink coasters. You can pick your favorite by taking the poll to the right.

Coaster #1 - Winter Hideaway

Coaster #2 - Puppy Eyes

Coaster#3 - Into the Open

Coaster #4 - Cardinal & Blossoms


Aimee said...

Hey Peter, I like the cardinal best myself, but because of all the dog-lovers in the world, I think the dog coaster will sell best. So I voted for the dog. But that's just my opinion...

Janel said...

I LOVE the cardinal too! If I were to purchase one, I'd get the cardinal...but then again, I'm a chick. So, I guess it depends on who you think will be buying them. I agree with Aimee about the dog lovers out there - I think you'd get men or women buyers whether they are hunters or not. The others might appeal most to hunters.

Peter Mathios said...

Thanks! It ended up being a tie between the ducks and the cardinal.