Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Evening Waters 18 x 14" acrylic $3200

John Briggs, an expert on the subject of creativity, wrote in his book Fire In The Crucible -

"Probably from time to time nearly everyone has felt the rise of their unique vision into awareness - as nuances, as uncanny moments, as a fleetingly strong sense that a mix of different contours and feelings one has about the world must somehow go together. These instants of vision are extremely tacit. They are sensations we have no words or forms for and which other people don't seem to experience, or at least don't experience in quite the way we do."

I like to call this an aha moment and I had one of these recently at the Metolius River in Central Oregon. A early evening thunderstorm had just rolled through and left some wispy patches of fog hugging the water on the river. Noticing this I went for a hike along the river to observe this unique weather and came upon this flyfisherman. The evening light, the fog, the woods and the water all fit together perfectly. It was an aha moment!

This painting will be available during the Fall Classics Show through Ponderosa Art Gallery in Hamilton, MT from August 15th - September 13th. For more information you can call 406-375-1212.
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kay Crain said...

This is absolutely gorgeous. I can feel the mist!
well done,
Kay Crain

PAT MEYER -- said...

I want to be there on vacation. We stumbled across the river and the adorable cabins a few years back and vowed that we would come back someday. Thanks to you I got to enjoy a little again. PatMeyerdailypainter.blogspot.com

Peter Gander said...
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Peter Gander said...

Lovely painting Peter. As both a painter and fly-fisherman, I appreciate your artwork on all counts! petergander.blogspot.com