Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuscan Landscape 34" x 68" acrylic

This commissioned painting is the largest painting I have ever done and it was done in a different style - impressionism. Thick layers of paint were applied in a rapid fashion to capture the essence of the image without trying to get too carried away with the finer detail. For me the biggest challenge was knowing when to stop applying detail as the couple who commissioned the piece wanted the painting done 'loosely'. It was a great experience!

On a similar note, there is an auction going on for a fantastic cause - the St. Lukes Health Care Center. Proceeds from the auction will go to the St. Luke's Junior Auxilary, which supports the Womens Services and Pediatric Care units of St. Luke's Health Care Center. Money raised helps provides a wide range of services for women and children including obstetrical and gynecological care, immunizations, well-baby and well child check-ups and much more for those with nowhere to turn. St. Luke's Health Care Center is one of the only charity centers of its kind in the Bay Area.

There many great items for auction at this link including a 14" x 18" custom impressionistic painting of your subject choice. Auction Item Information and Bidding

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