Monday, August 9, 2010

In for the Evening 14" x 18" acrylic

This flock of four geese is just landing on glassy water. The foreground shows that another has just skimmed by across the surface on it's decent and the lower goose is just splashing into the stillness.

This painting was commissioned through the St. Lukes Jr. Auxiliary Auction and the proceeds were used to purchase an ultrasound machine for their hospital. You may wonder what a commissioned painting is? It is a custom painting specifically created for the client that are either from their photos, an idea they have in their mind or even a specific animal or scene they like. These pieces of art can be a pet portrait, a painting or drawing of children, or in this case a group of geese landing on a calm evening. For more information about getting your own personal drawing or painting and to see examples of some the commission I have done recently, you can visit the commissions link on my webisite.

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