Thursday, September 2, 2010

Backwater Mallard 9" x 12" acrylic $1400

The water in this painting has taken a loooong time! It is finally getting close to being finished so I've decided to post it here the on the blog (but will continue to hone in the final details over the next couple of days). It surely has been a challenge creating a rainy environment for this mallard. To create the feeling of inclement weather, there are raindrops beaded up on the ducks oily feathers, numerous water rings, drops and even a couple of bubbles in the water. The autumn leaves are soaked and submerged just under the surface as well. Of note, this painting was submitted unfinished (even more so than here) back in June to the Oregon Ducks Unlimited art competition and it won by one vote in the unfinished state (whew!). Prints of this painting will be available sometime in late November/early December.


Gerald Schwartz said...

Amazing work once again..
The handling of light, wonderful.

Mike Brown said...

Nice painting Peter and it was me that you beat by one vote. Been following your work since I got back into paint in 2008. Anyway hadn't seen the piece since Al told me you where selected.
Mike Brown